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CIT Signature Transportation has been one of Iowa’s premier shuttle services since 1988, helping schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations get where they need to be, when they need to be there. Our reliable and timely transportation services have made us the choice of our valued customers, and we invite you to explore what sets us apart.

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When Do You Need a Transit Bus?

With shuttles capable of transporting more than 60 passengers at a time, we’re well-suited to help any organization find an affordable transportation solution for:

  • Daily commutes: Most towns and cities in the United States are less walkable than they could be. A commute bus for your staff or organization can make a major difference in user efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Conferences: Put your stresses aside by getting a shuttle bus rental that will take you from your hotel to your conference center, networking events and the airport on time. Our buses are also ADA accessible, ensuring all your attendees can stay with the group, regardless of ability.
  • Weddings: Celebrate all together in unmistakable style by getting a transit bus to take you from place to place in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Airports and parking centers: Sometimes, even getting to your existing transportation can be a process. Getting a shuttle bus for your staff, students, or family vacation can help everyone arrive wherever they’re headed on time.
  • Athletic and community events: Major games and local events can attract thousands and bring significant traffic delays and parking concerns. The CIT Signature Transportation team has worked with many sports teams and festival organizers to facilitate transportation from parking lots to events and across campuses, ensuring everyone gets the chance to see the main event.

Experience Comfort and Accessibility

We are proud to offer more than the average transit bus, with comfort features that allow you to relax in style while you get where you need to go. Our ADA-accessible shuttle buses feature dual doors for advanced unloading, with 38 seats and 25 standing positions. When you’re in a rush, CIT Signature Transportation is prepared to help everyone arrive at their destination quickly.


38 Shuttle Seats


25 Standing Positions

ADA-Accessible Wheelchair Lift


Dual Doors for Efficient Unloading

Success Stories

Whether convenience or luxury is your end goal, we’ve got you covered with a little bit of everything. Our charter bus service in Iowa is here to help make every occasion more special. 

More Testimonials 

Your service was FANTASTIC!! I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I knew your group would be ready at the right time & places! Thanks for making my meeting transportation needs flow so seamlessly. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Kudos to you & your team.

Dana – Ames, IA


Why Hire CIT Signature Transportation?

At CIT Signature Transportation, we take a better approach to transportation. Our shuttle services put your needs first every time, ensuring you benefit from our:

  • Convenience: Most people have enough to think about without devoting their energy to their commute. Let us focus on the transportation so all riders can put their attention where it matters.
  • Efficiency: Our award-winning drivers study every route in advance so we know we’re taking the fastest, most efficient pathway to get you from place to place. Plus, with fewer cars on the road, you can do your part to reduce traffic and carbon emissions.
  • Trusted Experts: We move people. We will build circuit routes and schedules you can publicize and trust. Our years of experience began with school bus routes, where timeliness was a top priority. Our team will even participate in your planning meetings and provide on-duty managers during your event.
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Our shuttle buses are the ideal solution for local transportation to your favorite shops, event spaces, airports, and hotels. Whether you’re an Iowa native or just visiting the area, CIT Signature Transportation is ready to ease your travel burdens and help your group stay together through it all. Request your service quote from our professionals today.

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