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Charter Services


If there’s somewhere you need to be, CIT Signature Transportation can get you there on time and in comfort. Whether you’re going on a formal business trip or rallying a group of friends to kick back at a sporting event, we’re here to help you enjoy the experience from the minute you leave your door.


We’ve been partnering with groups and families across Iowa since 1988, and we’re not stopping anytime soon! When it comes to the big trips you’ve been planning for weeks or months, we know it’s not just about the destination — the journey matters, too. Our comfortable charter buses help you travel in the style you deserve.



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Church Groups

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Concerts & Events

Concerts and Events, Charter Bus Rental Iowa

Culinary Tourism

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Family Reunions

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Youth Sports

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School Groups

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Shuttle Services

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Ski Trips

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Wine Trips

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Group Transportation Services for Any Occasion

Need to bring a large group of people to a business function, corporate event or trade show? We’ve got you covered.  You can use our shuttle buses for any occasion — chances are, if you can imagine it, our shuttles have done it. Our buses have racked up the miles bringing groups to all kinds of destinations, such as:


  • Business functions: If you’re organizing a business event for a large group, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to worry about is transportation. That’s where we come in. Our charter buses are commonly used to bring company members to and from business events, including retreats, corporate parties, conventions and more. We’re known for being on time and professional, so you can start and end the trip with a lasting strong impression.
  • Conferences: Get from A to B without missing a thing with our conference shuttle service. We often partner with corporate groups to help rally their team during the multiple trips required to get back and forth during conferences. Our shuttles let your group ride in comfort and keep the team spirit flying high.
  • Sporting events: When there’s game time on the clock, you can’t afford to miss a minute. When you ride with us, the fun starts well before the game and lasts after the final buzzer fades. Our shuttle services are here to transport large groups to sporting events. Whether you’re a team traveling for an away game or a group of enthusiastic sports fans, maximize the experience with our safe and efficient service.
  • Trade shows: Together, we can cut down the hassle of organizing group transportation to trade shows. With CIT Signature Transportation, the work is out of your hands, and you can get your group where it needs to be without navigating the logistics. Enjoy our amenities en route by watching a DVD, cracking open a book under our reading lights or even taking a comfortable snooze.


Worried that your upcoming trip doesn’t fit in any of these categories? Don’t worry — it’s not an exhaustive list. Our charter services have also been used for everything from family reunions and ski trips to wine tours and weddings. We’re here to make any event that much more special.


Private Charter Bus for All Groups

During our decades of experience, we’ve driven a wide range of clients to all kinds of destinations. Along the way, we’ve developed a refreshingly versatile and customized approach. Our clients vary from corporate businesses and universities to churches, youth groups, sports teams and more. No matter what your trip or need, if you’re searching to rent a bus for large groups in Iowa, we’re here to turn the drive into a memorable experience.


Ready to Experience a Local Travel Favorite? Contact CIT Signature Transportation Today

There’s a reason CIT Signature Transportation is Iowa’s most recognized group transportation company. We don’t cut any corners when providing the highest quality service possible. We stick to strict safety standards — our drivers are always licensed, insured, trained and certified, and we never skimp on vehicle inspections. Thanks to regular preventive maintenance and full insurance coverage, we take every possible measure to ensure a safe ride from start to finish.


If you’re looking to book a private bus for a large group in Iowa, we can help bring your next adventure to life! Contact us today to get started.


We're committed to providing safe transportation services and are working through the challenges of COVID-19. CIT Signature Transportation has been actively seeking enhanced protocols to implement to ensure optimal virus mitigation for our passengers and drivers. Learn More.
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