5 Lessons Learned as a Cheerleader


I was a high school cheerleader. Surprised? Probably not. But, I didn’t have the same experience as our daughters. My entire high school was around 240 students. My graduating class about 55. Try-outs meant you were on the team. We didn’t stunt, but man, could we build a pyramid!

Yet, my 3 years as a wrestling cheerleader still taught me lessons I didn’t even know I was learning. Watching our daughters, I have reflected back on this experience. This is my wisdom now from what I experienced then.

  1. Trust and be trusted. Back in my day, we may have just been building pyramids, but I knew I could be strong and steady supporting my teammates. I am so grateful to the bases that caught our daughters as they flew through the air. They trusted them. I trusted them. And when it was their turn to be a base, they gave the same level of trust. 
  2. Speak with a unified voice. I have always had a strong voice, and I knew it. So, when I thought my team was speeding through the cheers, I would cheer louder to slow them down. Hmm. That was not a good decision. I can only imagine how horrible that sounded when we were not in unison. When you are truly in unison, speaking as one, your message is heard loud and clear. 
  3. Know your game. How many times do you shake your head when a cheer is called out for the touchdown, but our team is on defense. Ouch. it is important to know the game, cheer for the right moves, and support the team.
  4. Leave the drama in the practice room. Drama? Yes. Have you ever been around teenage girls? But, when you are performing in front of the crowd, do not let them see your drama. Everyone has it, but the best do not let it show.
  5. Smile. Always smile.

Per the 2nd definition above, I am still a cheerleader. I am an enthusiastic and vocal supporter for my passions. I strive to keep the lessons learned so long ago. How about you? Are you a cheerleader for your passions in life?

Rah Rah!

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