Dominate Director – Does that phrase scare you?


Understanding who you are sheds light on why you do what you do.

Be honest – did my title make you shutter – just a little? It does me, and I AM the dominant director. Many times I am proud of my “D” status. It is why I get things done. But, there is the blunt side that unintentionally offends.

Why do I talk about my personality trait? Well, to help you understand me. Especially when I am “directing” you to follow the steps in getting your transportation booked…and booked now. As for me, I need to remember the other personality types I am working with, understanding how they process our steps. No one better than the other, just different in our approaches.

Do you know your personality trait? My assessment comes from a DiSC profile. You can read more by clicking on the button.

DiSC Profile

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Welcome Back Alicia

Welcome back, Alicia! 7 years ago she chose to become a stay-at-home mom. Her family has grown! Alicia is back in sales part-time working behind the scenes from home. So if you don’t hear my voice on the phone, or you receive an email from “experience” say “Hi” to Alicia!

Did you know?

You can be direct, too! 515-233-0286 accepts TEXTS. Please identify yourself when you communicate with us in this way.

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Your firm confirmation of booking number when entered here will show you the location of your bus.

Satisfactory Rating

FMCSA inspectors are cautious and direct when they go over our data to ensure we are following policies and procedures to provide you with safe transportation.

Satisfactory is their highest rating.

We are happy to report our several day inspection results. Satisfactory.


Des Moines Episode – #3

SOUL of Iowa was premiered at the Iowa Tourism conference. YES! Our state is being showcased as a destination. I am really excited to share our ordinary with visitors as an extraordinary adventure.

California we are not. We still have great wineries . Have you visited any this summer?

Best Wineries to Visit in Iowa


For my out-of-state friends – RAGBRAI – (Register’s Annual Great Bike Race Across Iowa) is an annual bike trek from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River. Riders gather on the 3rd Saturday of July then bike across our state and see it as it should be seen – on the highways and blacktops – small town to small town. This year marks the 49th year.

Eat Greater Des Moines

Have you ever attended a meeting and wondered where the extra food goes? Well, when you host your meeting (qualifying for the above grant) in Des Moines, this great organization will gather and disseminate your items.

Eat Greater Des Moines

Fight Against Human Trafficking

Along with BOTL, we are part of Iowa’s fight against human trafficking. Did you know placing an order for an Angel Shot is really a secret message to the bartender? Read more about it.

In the News


STILL WATING…..HR 7477 is written and ready to be attached to a tax bill. As of 07/27/22 we have 62% support. In Iowa, Congresswoman Hinson is the last to sign on. Please, if you are in her district, click the link below and let her know how important motorcoaches are to you. For those of you in other districts, thank your Congresswoman/Congressman for their support.

Contact Your Members of Congress Today

HR 7477 Sponsors


Is on a 2 week decline. The rate is still up almost $2/gallon from one year ago.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update


I’ll be direct. Call me today to check our availability and book your transportation.


Kim Grzywacz

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AND – no matter your personality type, we need you to drive. Call today to learn more.


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