Each Day Writes a New Story – Is Your Eraser Ready?


Each day writes a new story. Is your eraser ready? 

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting – not so patiently – for the information flow to slow and remain the same. But, it isn’t. So, rather than writing my story in ink – I am using my pencil and erasing often.

As I began teaching, I wrote my lesson plans in pencil. In Iowa, in the winter, this was essential. Late starts and no school days could change your plan. When I had my first student teacher, he began to write his plans in pen. I warned him. He insisted. I let him continue. Then, as I knew it would, it happened. A change. Rather than just re-writing one portion, he needed to re-write the entire plan – for several days (as a teacher you generally had a 7 day plan ready to go). He wrote in pencil after that.

Now, as computers landed on our desks, I did switch to using this format. Cutting and pasting was about the same as erasing – but as most of you know, there are dangers with cutting and pasting. Miss this portion, paste this in the wrong spot, etc….

So, as I was communicating with a client this week, I found myself typing that each day writes a new story and all I can do is have my eraser handy to edit my copy. I can only control what I can control. The Governor closes schools for the rest of this year. Rewrite my plan. The military is not allowed to attend scheduled training in another state due to shelter-in-place there. Rewrite my plan. My 9 year old disappears from doing his school work while I work. Rewrite my plan. But, through all of this, I do not give up. I do keep forging ahead. I may need a whole lot of erasers, but I will keep rewriting my plan. I hope you continue to do the same.

Kim Grzywacz

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