Educating is Selling: Let’s Market to Our Elected Officials


When trying to close the sale with your clients, educating them on why you are the best choice is key. It is your job to be the expert and share your knowledge so your client has a successful experience. The same is true for our elected officials. I may be wrong, but currently, there are not any former motorcoach operators in the House or Senate. Are there any former tourism individuals at all? If we want them to make the best decision for our industry, we must educate them.

How do you educate your clients? You have conversations with them. You also use marketing tools. It is time to set up your marketing plan for your elected officials. Get out your calendar, decide how often you will reach out, which topics you will discuss and when, then create those campaigns.

Did you know the ABA Foundation has a wealth of information you can share? Use their resources to educate your elected officials on the following topics:

I also suggest including these topics:

  • Who are your passengers?
    • Include demographics
      • Underserved communities by airlines
      • Social Justice/Equity numbers
    • Include testimonials
  • Where do you travel?
    • IFTA data
    • Include events
  • How are you green?
    • Office protocols
    • Driving protocols
    • ABA and UMA both present green awards – have you earned one?
  • Is your staff trained in combatting human trafficking?
  • Who are our lobbyists?
    • 3,000 small family-owned companies (82% having fewer than 9 motorcoaches) do not have the lobbying dollars that other transportation competitors do. Explain how we work and why we go unnoticed.

My knowledge about marketing has come from this industry. I am a Certified Travel Industry Specialist. I served on the Motorcoach Marketing Council with Chris Riddell as our director. On January 22nd, I received his New Year email. The thoughts he shared had been running through my own head. There is no need for me to create my own narrative, when he said it perfectly. (Linked above for your convenience.)

In previous blogs, I shared with you how to sell to your elected officials. (“Sell” to Your Elected Officials: A Summary) Now it is time for us to market to them. Educate them. Build those relationships so they will remember to fight for us and we can close the sale.

Kim Grzywacz, CTIS

CIT Signature Transportation

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