Fill My Cup


I attended the Mercy Me concert with my nephew this spring. Andrew Ripp was an opening act. Have you ever attended a concert, heard a song many time before, but somehow, hearing it live brings it, well, to life, in a whole new way? That is this song for me. Every time I hear it on the radio, my cup is filled.

Right now what is filling my cup is the launch of our client portal coming Sept. 6th! I am so excited to make your experience requesting, booking, checking details, and paying for your experience with us more efficient and open.

Fill my house up with hoping
Fill my plans up with purpose
Fill my rooms up with healing (oh-oh-oh)
Lord, I need You (to fill my cup)
Fill my days up with meaning
Fill my future with vision
Goodness, grace and provision (oh-oh-oh)
Lord, I need You (to fill my cup)

CIT Signature Transportation

Client Portal Sneak Peak

Video 1 (above) gives you a sneak peak of what information your password protected client portal will provide.

Video 2 (below) shows our new look to our quote request form and email letters with button functionality for you ease!

Midwest Bus & Motorcoach Association Conference

Jeremy and Jeremiah attended the Midwest Bus & Motorcoach Association annual conference. They learned how the FMCSA trains their inspectors. Learning from those that inspect us…what a great way to grow! Thank you MBMCA for providing this opportunity!

On the Move

How do you spend a Saturday afternoon? Me? Waiting on an interstate overpass for 1.5 hours to catch 8 buses on the move with the ISU Cyclone Varsity Marching Band to the Iowa State Fair! Click here to watch the short.

38 Passenger Motorcoach

Our 38 passenger motorcoach is rolling again. Perfect for smaller groups that don’t want to give up the luxury of a full size motorcoach.


Indianola Episode – when it’s ok to fly over Iowa. National Balloon Classic was July29-Aug. 6, 2022. Miss it? It will be back next year!


Didn’t ride RAGBRAI this year? No worries! You can still experience these great towns by choosing an itinerary from the link below.

RAGBRAI 2022 Itineraries

Next year is year 50! If you have any events needing transportation over the 3rd and 4th weekends of July – book now. Needing transportation for RAGBRAI – book now.

In the News

FUEL: Diesel fuel dropped 9 cents mid-August, but has climbed 30 cents to end the month.

Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Update

What Goes Up Must Come Down – Outdated Reality Check

US DOT Fuel Price Increase


A fellow operator in our #trustedfriendnetwork posted this last week. The number of companies in the US continues to decrease. The driver shortage continues to be amplified. If you have needs for group transportation, yesterday may not have been soon enough to book.

Will Airlines Continue Cutting Flights

Airlines continue to have their own woes, too. John recently spent an extra night away from home due to canceled flights that started with bad weather. Thankfully, you have motorcoaches to call to get you there.


Through the depths of the valley where the sun can’t reach (ooh, ooh)
I’ve been high, I’ve been low
I’ve been looking for the river that could fill my soul

Fill my cup…..I look forward to assisting you with your transportation needs.


Kim Grzywacz

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Do you need to fill your cup with a new career? Give us a call and explore the options.


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