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How did summer come and go so fast? It always does. Personally, though, we had a glitch in August with our youngest son. If you were communicating with me via email, you may have seen my OOO (Out Of Office reply). Jonah, our youngest spent 2 days in Blank Children’s Hospital in DKA after being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. He is taking it in stride and we are learning A LOT. So much learning. This is just the new way of life for Jonah. He is still in football, wrestling, and track.

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Another video from 2022. Itineraries are needed 2 weeks in advance to ensure a successful experience. Why so soon?

Client Portal

Are you taking advantage of the client portal? Here is something to keep in mind. The information is a snapshot of your trip. For full details, please refer to the paperwork emailed to you.

Client Portal Tutorial

New Team Member

Welcome to the CIT Signature Transportation team Nathan Tofte! Nathan and Rebecka, his bride of one year, moved to Story City in August. Nathan just completed 5 years of service to our country through the Navy. He served in the Seattle, Washington area aboard the USS Nebraska SSBN739. Nathan is working part-time in sales with Alicia and myself as well as assisting us with cleaning buses this busy season. He will add being an ISU student in finance for the spring semester.

1 Million Cups Ames

I was honored to speak at 1 Million Cups Ames and share information on the motorcoach industry, tourism in Iowa and my career path. I will admit, not my strongest presentation as I was nervous. I don’t know why. If you have an hour, you can view it by clicking on the button.

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Not only are we members of UMA and ABA, John is on the board for UMA and I am on the board for ABA We volunteer our time to increase our #TrustedFriendNetwork, keep up-to-date on industry issues, and to give back to the industry.

New research shows role of association membership in motor carrier safety


iTIP is excited to announce the newest project – an online auction! All those interested in traveling to Iowa should bid on some of the 28 packages for a new experience. So many great partners all across the state have donated fantastic packages to get people out exploring our great state!

The auction is open now through 11:59 PM on September 23, 2023

iTIP Bidding for Good

I had this saved for the HOT month of August. Let’s be honest, though, there is never a bad month for ice cream.

Best Ice Cream in Greater Des Moines

Iowa and sports – YES! Check out the video above. I dare you to not get goosebumps.

In the News

Diesel Issues Could Worsen Due to Lack of Crude From OPEC+

It continues to be a yo-yo. If you are asking for a quote more than 3 months out, I am including the fuel surcharge as a line item for your budget planning purposes. If, at the time of invoicing, fuel has not reached $5.50/gallon, I remove the surcharge. I am optimistically cautious. Below is the best link for up-to-date fuel information.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update


Are Americans Prepared for the REAL ID?

Bus driver shortage causes back-to-school chaos


40 Years on the Road with Willie Nelson: Inside Bus Driver Tony Sizemore’s Life with the Icon (Exclusive)

Did you have a glitch in your life recently? Did you push off booking transportation? Call me and let’s see how we can help.

On the Move

#BlastFromThePast – We have many sold out dates, but it isn’t often that so many buses are for one group. Large or small, remember We Move People.


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