Skunk River Navy


186 volunteers extracted 7,520 lbs. of trash from the river in 2013. Below are words from James Colbert, Comanding Admiral.

I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for your efforts on the river or and/or providing support for those working on the river. I also want to specifically thank the ISU Learning Communities Program, the Ames Resource Recovery Center, and CIT Transportation for their continued support of the SRN. The “navy” is truly a team effort – and, at this point, somewhat of an “Iowa State tradition”. I think it’s a good tradition to have – and part of the reason I think that is the impact on those students for whom the SRN was developed – the first year Biology Majors in BEST. Those BEST students who choose to participate in the SRN (it’s NOT a “requirement”) write a short reflection on their experience.

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