Stayin’ Alive


Are you doing it? Are you staying alive? Some days it is just about getting out of bed and accomplishing the small tasks. Other days, tackling the BIG projects has me feeling alive and well. 

What I have found, though, is staying alive is not just for me, my mental/physical health. It is also for those that are looking to me. Am I showing my children how to weather a storm? Can my spouse count on me to be there? What about my employees? I need to show them I am alive and fighting for our company, for their jobs. And, my clients. They need to know we are going to be here when they have the need. So, how do you show everyone you are alive?

First, send those newsletters. I never stopped. Did you say you never started? Well, then START. Give them updates on what you have been doing. Tell them about the obstacles you are moving. Share with them your inspirations for getting up and getting moving. Share your plan for survival. Our clients need to hear from us, in our voice. I didn’t plan it, but my newsletters have had an 80’s theme. Afterall, the 80’s produced some mighty great music. What an inspiration. Keep the Eye of the Tiger, take care of the Sweet Child, and Jump into action!

Second, keep your social media presence going. Before COVID, we posted haphazardly. I would post our #viewfromtheoffice whenever I would have the photo op. But, then, I got to see someone else’s social media plan. Themes for each day, a schedule of posts for the entire year. WHOA. There is something I can grasp. I LOVE organization. So, themes were created and posts are made M-F of each week. I post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Dead companies can’t post. So, show the world you stayin’ alive. These are seen by your clients, competitors, and your employees.

Third, let your employees know you still care. We have hosted lunches in our shop. Being of service to our employees in this way let’s them know we care, we have not forgotten. There is something about breaking bread with your neighbor that brings joy into your world. (It helps when your head mechanic can smoke a mean brisket, too.) We also held our first “drive-in” movie night. We have this huge lot with big, white, overhead doors. What a perfect set up for gathering responsibly for a fun event. We are looking forward to our next one this month. Halloween themed, of course. 

Now, nothing beats the human touch. There are so many ways to keep in touch. Old school letters and phone calls, or follow the new wave of video chats. Just keep alive in the minds of everyone around you. There will be an end to this phase in our life. Let everyone know you will be ready to roll when it does. 

I will close this the same way I close my client newsletters. Keep moving forward, everyone!

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