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It’s National Travel and Tourism Week! Individual travel is on the rise. This is good. I wish group travel was at the same place. One step at a time. One group at at a time. Travel WILL rebuild our economy. When a motorcoach rolls into town, it leaves up to $7,000 in revenue for the local restaurants, shops, venues, etc…. AND, when a motorcoach spends the night in town, $13,000 is left behind. Motorcoach clientele like to #shopsmall #shoplocal Are you ready to travel on a motorcoach?

Yes, the power of love is a curious thing.

Before I met John, I didn’t “see” a motorcoach on the road. Then, my eyes were opened and I would see them everywhere! In fact, while on vacation in D.C. I found my motorcoach sitings as much fun as the history! I could name the owner and where they were from. AND, when I saw on of my own…..Well…….

that’s the power makes the world go ’round.

The new year always begins with industry conferences.

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CIT Coach Tracker

It’s BACK! We are thrilled to bring this feature back on our motorcoaches. Want to know where your bus is? Enter the charter number given to the booking contact and a bus icon will show you the location.

You can find this link by going to our website and clicking on the CIT Coach Tracker.

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Yes, Iowa had a tourism conference. Why are you surprised? Do you know how GREAT Iowa is?

Just like travelers after the pandemic, Iowa tends to focus on the individual traveler. I have a personal mission to change this focus. Iowa CAN be a destination state. Travelers can exit I35 or I80 and see many unique sites.

Do you recognize this place in Iowa where groups travel? Maybe you are headed there this weekend. The Pella Tulip Festival is happening May 6-8. We are taking a group there next week. Travelers seem to want shorter, more local trips right now.
We are here to meet those needs.

Remember the Virtual FAM tour that was on our bus? Well, the collaboration it took for Iowa to pull that off is featured in ABA’s Destination magazine. Our portion of the article begins on p17 and you can see a gorgeous bus on p18. Click the button.

ABA Destinations: In This Together

In the News

CERTS Act Update:

And we wait. No, I didn’t forget to update this section of the newsletter. We are still waiting. Waiting and advocating. Now that we have a program, we can be a part of future appropriations. Right now, we are advocating for funds in FY22 to bring our original ask to full funding. Please, keep advocating with me. It does make a difference.

I did participate in the ABA Virtual Capitol Hill Fly-In on April 14, 2021. Special thanks to Congressional and FMCSA leaders who joined us: Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.); Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.); Rep. David Price (D-N.C.); Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.); Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine); and Meera Joshi, acting administrator, FMCSA. You can watch all 2 hours of the Fly-In here, or skip ahead and hear my testimonial at 2:02:18. (Or completely cheat, and watch just the video below.)

John and I also spoke to Senator Ernst’s office again on May 4th. (May the 4th be with you!!!)

ABA Virtual Fly-In

Here are some more news links that are important to our clients. ABA and IMG worked for months with the National Park Service and can now share guidance for Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. If you have plans to enter a National Park, be sure you know what their current protocols are – especially for groups.

National Park Service Fees and Passes

Union Station Overhaul (in DC) criticized for being too focused on cars

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