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38 – 47 Passenger Motorcoach

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  • Overhead amenities in Motorcoach
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Mid-Sized Coach Rental Service


With the same luxury and elegance as our full-sized motorcoaches, our 38 and 47 coaches offer the perfect seating for smaller groups! Our variety of motorcoach sizes ensures you don’t have to split up the group as you travel. Whether you’re planning an event for work, family, friends, or sports, you can plan to keep the group together for added convenience and affordability. Our 38 and 47 passenger vehicles provide the ultimate vehicle for groups sized between our smaller minicoach and our larger luxury motorcoach, which can hold up to 60 passengers.


Vehicle Overview: 38-47 Passenger Motorcoach for Rent

Excellent for group traveling, countryside tours, airport shuttles, conference transportation, athletic trips, corporate shuttles, family reunions, and more, our premium motorcoaches will deliver your group to your destination in top of class comfort and style.


Our mid-sized motorcoach rental is certainly no middle-of-the-range travel experience, however! With a long list of convenient amenities and friendly drivers, our goal is to provide affordable motorcoach rental services that don’t skimp on comfort. With CIT Signature Transportation charter bus rental, you can experience excellent service without paying premium prices.


Everyone from business managers and sports coaches to parents and church leaders turns to our 38-47 passenger motorcoach to get them where they need to go. If you’ve got a big trip coming up, we’d love to help you.


Motorcoach Amenities and Features

No matter the distance of your destination, CIT Signature Transportation will get you there in an affordable, dependable, and award-winning vehicle. But we’re not just here to get you from A to B and call it a day. We’re always looking for ways to give our customers the best experience possible, transforming travel from functional to fun. How do we do this? Through a suite of amenities designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable journey.


Each of these amenities is available in our 38 and 47 passenger motorcoaches. Are you ready to catch a quick snooze? From reclining seating to personal climate controls, you’ve got everything you need to maximize comfort right at your fingertips. Individual reading lights, charging outlets, DVD players, radio, and Wi-Fi offer you plenty of opportunities to stay entertained during a long drive. But the list doesn’t stop there — check out a full list of our onboard amenities:


  • High back reclining seating with footrests
  • Full restroom onboard
  • CIT Now live GPS trip tracking
  • Individual climate controls
  • Reading lights
  • Overhead baggage storage
  • Spacious underside luggage compartments
  • Charging outlets
  • Coach PA system
  • DVD player
  • Radio with Auxilary and Bluetooth input
  • Wi-Fi (additional charge)

We’re More Than Just Transportation

CIT Signature Transportation is here to get your group where you need to be. We’re all about transportation — our name speaks for itself — but we’re also so much more.


Since we first began shuttling students in 1988, we’ve been committed to providing standout service to each customer that climbs on board. Regardless of where you’re headed, why you’re traveling, or how many people are in your group, our goal is for each passenger to relax and enjoy the ride. We bring this vision to life through insured drivers, beautiful and comfortable vehicles, and dedicated staff that work around the clock to keep our customers happy.


This above-and-beyond mentality has led to an award-winning history and a consistently high safety rating. But this isn’t what drives us. We’re here to move groups of people where they need to be and ensure the best journey possible along the way. As our passenger, you are what drives us forward — we hope you’ll climb on board and experience the CIT Signature Transportation experience for yourself.


Reach Out to CIT Signature Transportation to Plan Your Next Group Trip

If you’ve got a trip coming up, we’d love to navigate the transportation logistics for you. We can bring your group to its destination in one of our affordable 38 or 47 passenger motorcoaches. Interested in traveling with us? Contact our sales team to get started or give us a call at (515) 233-0286. You can also request a quote today to learn more about motorcoach rental costs or contact us with any questions.


We're committed to providing safe transportation services and are working through the challenges of COVID-19. CIT Signature Transportation has been actively seeking enhanced protocols to implement to ensure optimal virus mitigation for our passengers and drivers. Learn More.
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