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Enhanced Protocols for Virus Mitigation

Enhanced Protocols for Virus Mitigation

CIT Signature Transportation has been actively seeking enhanced protocols to implement to ensure optimal virus mitigation for our passengers and drivers. This article will be updated as we gain more information and receive recommendations from the task forces created to study this topic. John Grzywacz, a board member for the United Motorcoach Association, serves on the risk control committee searching for such answers. 


Employees are completing the survey on Test Iowa. When the survey is complete, it recommends if you should be tested. Follow-up emails are sent to reassess an individual’s status. 

Employees are encouraged to monitor their health. They are not to report to work if they are ill and/or showing symptoms. Self-isolation should occur for anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, while awaiting test results, or if diagnosed.

We have implemented social distancing within our offices. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are scattered throughout the offices. Employees have been instructed to wipe down their work stations morning and night. Our offices are cleaned weekly. Working from home is also an available option.  PPE kits have been prepared for our drivers. 



CIT Signature Transportation purchased a Hurricane Ultra II. You can see this fogger on our video entitled Isn’t She Lovely? Since our motorcoaches have been in isolation and not rolling, we have not yet implemented its use. You can view how it will work here.

While our motorcoaches are stationary, we have been completing a thorough detailing of the interiors. This includes shampooing and treating the seats. 

Part of the driver PPE safety kit is instructions for sanitizing high touch services while on the road.

We are requesting the first row of seats directly behind and to the side of the driver remain empty to maintain physical distancing throughout travel.


It is a shared responsibility to help protect each other. 

Prior to your travel dates, we recommend you go on to Test Iowa and fill out the survey to see if you should be tested. After the initial on-line assessment, continue to respond to the emails they send, updating your information.

As a passenger on one of our motorcoaches, please consider wearing a protective mask, wash your hands frequently, take advantage of hand sanitizers, and follow the recommended guidelines by the CDC on illness prevention. 

If you need assistance loading and disembarking the motorcoach, wear gloves to create that additional barrier between you and our driver’s gloved hand. 

While loading the motorcoach, maintain physical distancing. It is the responsibility of the group leader to implement the appropriate distancing of their group.

Monitor your personal health. If you have been exposed to a contagious virus and/or have a fever or other symptoms please postpone your travel. 

Check back to this page for updates. The date of this current publication is May 22, 2020. (Previously May 8, 2020)

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We're committed to providing safe transportation services and are working through the challenges of COVID-19. CIT Signature Transportation has been actively seeking enhanced protocols to implement to ensure optimal virus mitigation for our passengers and drivers. Learn More.
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