The Facts of Life


I was thrilled to see The Facts of Life reruns being played on NBC on Mother’s Day. It was a blast from the past. I watched every episode – some multiple times. John was amazed I knew the lyrics. Repetition is a GREAT way to learn something, and I watched The Facts of Life repeatedly – loving every minute.

Yet, just like last month and my 80’s hair bands, I couldn’t help relate the theme song to what is happening now.

You take the good, you take the bad,
You take them both and there you have
The facts of life, the facts of life.

How are you doing taking the good and the bad when the facts of life keep changing? Sometimes, I just want to pull out my too long hair! Comic relief is a great stress reliever for me. If it is for you, too, then here is a clip you may enjoy in honor of the Kentucky Derby – COVID-19 style. (WARNING – there is an expletive at the end. You may want to listen in private.)

There’s a time you got to go and show
You’re growin’ now you know about
The facts of life, the facts of life.

On Wednesday, May 13th, there will be hundreds of motorcoaches that “got to go and show” in D.C. The purpose of this event is to showcase how our big buses and small businesses move America. Buses are being decorated with informative signs about our industry and the groups we carry, the economic impact we have and the people we employ.

CIT Signature Transportation does not have one of its own fleet in this rally, but owner John Grzywacz is riding along with one of our trusted friends, BRT, from Ohio. Our logo will be proudly displayed.

As for growin’, it is going to look different. I actually found comfort from 1943. You can read about it in my blog post below.

Finding Comfort from 1943

When the world never seems
To be livin up to your dreams
And suddenly you’re finding out
The facts of life are all about you, you.

“There is a difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is a gift you want to be given. A goal is something you work to achieve.”
Brian Knapp, Creative Pursuit

“…you’re not in control of what life throws at you, you are in control of the fight” – Rachel Hollis

So, as the world is changing our dreams, I find it important to control what I can, and keep my eraser handy.

Each Day Writes a New Story – Is Your Eraser Ready?

It takes a lot to get ’em right
When you’re learning the facts of life. (learning the facts of life)
Learning the facts of life (learning the facts of life)
Learning the facts of life.

At CIT Signature transportation, we are doing our best to get ’em right. We are learning the facts of COVID-19 and what we can do to mitigate this virus. Read about our action steps using the link below. This article will be updated (you know, using our eraser) as we learn more and more about the enhanced protocols we need to implement.

Enhanced Protocols for Virus Mitigation

So, as we learn the facts of this COVID-19 life, we will take the good and the bad. It may take a lot to get ’em right, but we will find out the facts of life. (And COVID-19)

Kim Grzywacz, CTIS

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