Let's Stop Human Trafficking - CIT Signature Transportation
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Let’s Stop Human Trafficking

Let’s Stop Human Trafficking

Bussing on the Lookout against human trafficking.

The fortunate side of knowing a human trafficking victim was becoming aware of this huge issue for our state and our nation. Since meeting this amazing woman, our company has looked for ways to support the cause. Last year, we added the BOTL (Buses On The Lookout) logo to our brand new bus. We had trained all of our staff prior to this. This training was FREE.

But, as you know, free still comes at a cost. This year we are doing a match donation up to $1000 for the BOTL organization (affiliated with Truckers Against Trafficking). I would love to see us meet this match and EXCEED it.

How can you help? Skip the expensive coffee, bring leftovers for lunch, do not fall prey to the pop-up ads showcasing those adorable shoes, donate here instead. Please note CIT Signature Transportation in your donation for the match. Thank you.

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