Fill My Cup Pt. 2


I will be making my family fill out gratitude cards on Thanksgiving. I save them every year and put them in a scrapbook. I think I have 5-7×7 scrapbooks full. Some are very thoughtful. Some are short and to the point. I enjoy reading over them every year. Many of them are reminders of the events from the past year. In 2020, I took screenshots of the Zoom Thanksgiving where everyone had to put their gratitude list in the comments. What a year that was.

While I try to be mindful of my gratitudes all year, I take the extra time to reflect at Thanksgiving. I continue to be grateful of “meeting” you, working with you, and building a relationship with you. Thank you for being a part of the CIT family.

Fill my house up with hoping
Fill my plans up with purpose
Fill my rooms up with healing (oh-oh-oh)
Lord, I need You (to fill my cup)
Fill my days up with meaning
Fill my future with vision
Goodness, grace and provision (oh-oh-oh)
Lord, I need You (to fill my cup)

CIT Signature Transportation

38-Passenger Motorcoach

Our 38-passenger motorcoach is a great option when you want the ride of a motorcoach, but not the size of a 56/60 passenger.

Business Management Meeting

At the beginning of the month John, Jeremy, Jeremiah, and I attended our business management meeting. We even brought along Jonah. To my surprise, he sat in on the meetings when he could have been binge-watching tv in the hotel room. This group meets 3 times a year, and we are grateful for the other members. They are our unofficial board of directors. This is how I learned the business and it is how the next generation will learn.


Tourism Legislative Night 2024

Date: Wednesday, January 17
Where: Curate, 322 E Court Ave. Des Moines, IA
Time: 5-8 PM

Register Here

Does it seem too soon? I did book my first buses for RAGBRAI this month.

It is events like RAGBRAI that lead to tourism being a $10 Billion industry. Yes, I said billion. Read more about it here: 2022 Economic Impact Report


Ooh, fill my cup, Lord
Run it over
Give me love, give me joy
Give me peace (ooh, ooh, ooh)
Fill my cup, Lord
Run it over

I wish you a cup overflowing with gratitude.

Fill my cup…..I look forward to assisting you with your transportation needs.


Kim Grzywacz

CALL 515-233-0286


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