Is it a trick or treat that we have been slow in the sales office?


I am not sure if it is a trick by our clients, but we have been very quiet in the sales office lately. I would love to say it is a treat, but I am worried about the floodgates opening wide for your spring needs. Many of you took care of your fall needs 2 seasons ahead in the spring. We have sold-out dates in the spring, so yesterday was still the best time to get us your spring travel needs.

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Silence Your Impostor

Another video from 2022.

Confirming Your Trip

Have you felt tricked by this button on the quote sent? This button “confirms” that you agree with the quote details and are ready to book.

It does NOT book the quote. To book transportation I need the signed acceptance form returned and a cc on file to hold the reservation. (Schools are exempt from the cc hold.)

If I have part of the forms I need, you will receive a provisional booking that expires in 48 hours. Returning the remainder of the forms will firmly book the transportation.

I hope that helps turn the trick into a treat!


Here is a fun BINGO for the rest of Fall. Go ahead and cross of those squares already completed.

Travel Iowa Fall Bingo


Check out this interactive map of ABI member manufacturing companies. Click the icons to learn about each company. Click the yellow wrench icons to learn about specific products made right here in Iowa.

Products Made in Iowa


In the News


I keep wondering if it is a trick or a treat that fuel has not skyrocketed again. These articles show it is increasing, but also why it is creeping up at a slower pace.

Diesel Price Rises 10.1¢ to $4.545 a Gallon Marks First Double-Digit Gain Since 13.9¢ Upswing Aug. 14

Here’s what the Israel-Hamas war has done to U.S. gasoline and diesel prices

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update


I did not save any great articles for this month.

Last month I featured a LARGE group we transported. Remember, we can provide small-group transportation, too.

Don’t be tricked into thinking you have plenty of time to book your spring transportation. Treat yourself to a quote today!


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