I Won’t Do That


Many in sales will promise you the moon to get your business. I would do anything for “love” but I won’t do that. I will be realistic about what we can and cannot do.

How many times were you promised exactly what you wanted and been disappointed in the delivery? Setting realistic expectations and over-delivering is our aim.

And some days, it don’t come easy
And some days it don’t come hard
Some days it don’t come at all
And these are the days that never end

CIT Signature Transportation

Trusted Friend Network

Mechanical failures are never easy when they interfere with your transportation. We have built our #trustedfriendnetwork across this nation to minimize the delay. We will work hard and fast do get you back on the road so you can experience your journey.

March Madness

March Madness is here! We are ready to launch spring break trips for high school choirs and bands as they travel to clinics in FL and NY. We are ready to #SemperGumby

(Read more about this mantra from our blogpost written in 2020.)

Semper Gumby – Be Flexible

In the News

Report: COVID Pandemic Continues to Rock Motorcoach Industry as Recovery is Slow

Bus Drivers:National Guard Takes on Unexpected Missions

Prices climbed 7.5% in January, compared with last year, continuing inflation’s fastest pace in 40 years

John and I continue to advocate for the motorcoach industry because the above linked articles are reality. After our initital interview with Ch. 5, we were honored to have our voice heard on all three local TV Stations. As long as our wheels are turning, the fires will be burning, believe it!

4 p.m. Clip

5 p.m. Clip

6 p.m. Clip

We Are Iowa


Yes, we have opened our garage back up to COVID drive-through testing for HealthTrackRx.

Free COVID-19 testing returns to CIT garage but this time through a private company

WHO graciously told a different segment of our story each hour as well as a written article on their website.


would do anything for love
Anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just wont do that…

I won’t make promises I cannot keep. Our goal is to set realistic expectations and then exceed them! So, call me today and let’s discuss your real trip!


Kim Grzywacz

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