Fuel Surcharge Implementation


The fuel surcharge has always been a part of our terms and conditions. For the first time, CIT Signature Transportation must implement this fee.

‘Prepare to pay more’: Gas tops $4 per gallon average across US, 1st time since 2008

This article’s headline is accurate. This is the first time CIT Signature Transportation has needed to implement the fuel surcharge clause in our terms and conditions.

FUEL SURCHARGE: The total price of this charter is based on current market rate of diesel fuel. If the average cost of diesel fuel nationwide exceeds this amount by 5% or more, a fuel surcharge may be invoked. Please budget a fuel allowance into the cost of your trip.

Due to the dramatic increase in diesel fuel (see the chart below) we will be assessing a fee from 4% -12% of the motorcoach cost. This % covers the per mile increase for the motorcoach and (if needed for your trip) the increase in relay car fuel (A relay car is used to position the 2nd and 3rd drivers of a trip – as needed).

I am aware there is a great variance in the %. As this is a form letter, everyone’s date of booking was different, thus the cost of fuel at your times of booking were also different. Please note, any new quotes being calculated from this date forward have the fuel increase already included. However, our fuel surcharge clause remains the same. These are unprecedented times with predictions none of us know how to make accurately.

This is the website we use to watch the fuel rates.


Please know we fully understand the budgets that were created around your quotes.

Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate your partnership on not only this trip, but the many trips we provide you throughout the year.

Updated information will be coming as your trips near and payments are due.

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