Who’s an Impostor?


Are you your own worst critic? Do you feel like you fake it all the time? Be careful who you listen to, it isn’t so.

Who’s an Impostor? I am…….not.

I recently led a book club that read “Overcoming the Impostor: Silence Your Inner Critic and Lead With Confidence” by Kris Kelso. Impostor Syndrome is real. Many leaders experience this voice telling them they are not good enough, faking everything, will soon be discovered and have their world crumble. Recognizing this voice, “The Impostor” within you and learning how to silence it will free you and help you move forward.

You may recall an article I wrote about faking it when the pandemic began. Fake It Until You Make It – My Motto in Times of Grief and Exhaustion Yes, many times I feel like I am faking it. But, now I recognize faking it is how I deal with my Impostor’s voice, I feel validated. I feel stronger.

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Business Management Group Meeting

We belong to a business management group. Motorcoach companies similar in size from across the nation come together to discuss best business practices. It is our unofficial board of directors. Attending these meetings is how I learned about the business, how we built our #trustedfriendnetwork.

As you know, our sons, Jeremy and Jeremiah, have joined the company. John and I sent them off to their first meeting solo.

We took great care of these two this week. You both should be so proud of them and how they interacted this week. It was awesome to see!
– Bethany Schubert Trobec’s Bus

As a mother, I felt like I was abandoning them out in the cold. But, they flew! I am sure they felt like Impostors, just as I did in the beginning. I look forward to their continued growth. After all, they are our retirement plan!

Our Employees

Our drivers can be Impostors, too. Ashley and StephAnne are really quilters. LOL Ashley assisted StephAnne with her first quilt…made while on the road from a hotel room.

Picture 1 is a quilt made by Ashley…on the road. Picture 2 is their hotel room set up. Picture 3 is StephAnne and her first quilt.

So….do you know someone that would love to travel? The #viewfromtheoffice is great, and sometimes, you can learn a new hobby while you wait for a group.

In the News


We continue to advocate for funding for CERTS. We know the $8 billion deficit the industry faced in 2020 was not met with the $2 billion granted through CERTS. Also, that $2 billion is taxable, unlike any other relief grant given. Thus, roughly 38% must be given back in taxes. So, we also advocate for the tax relief. You can show you support by using the link below. Thank you for taking 2 minutes to let Congress know you support our industry.

Contact Your Members of Congress Today

ABA Says Lack of CERTS Funding in Omnibus Hampers Industry Recovery

Latest Motorcoch Census Highlights the COVID-19 Pandemic Damage to the Industry


This past week we did see prices go down. Dropping 6 cents is a drop, but it had climbed over $1.15 in the weeks prior ($1.88 since March ’21). We have adjusted our pricing for new quotes. Our fuel surcharge policy does remain in effect. As an Iowan, I do appreciate the news of the use of biofuels!

Biden Announces Investment in Biofuels at Iowa Event

US On-Highway Fuel Prices

Here is a #blastfromthepast . Motorcoaches continue to be the CLEANEST mode of passenger transportation!

So, as you navigate life, silence your Impostor. tell them to take a back seat. You’ve got this! And, when it comes to your transportation needs. WE’VE got this…together. No Impostors.

Thank you.

Kim Grzywacz

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Is your impostor telling you a motorcoach is too big for you to drive? Silence them! We are hiring!

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