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“Springing” off of my last newsletter and Baby Grogu……

I had an epiphany recently. When I travel for work, my stress levels rise because the work back home does not stop. What was the epiphany? The work load can multiply whether I am in the office or not. What I can control is my reaction to the pile up. In the wise words of Yoda: “Only difference is in your mind. Unlearn what you have learned. Try not. DO. Size does not matter.”

So, I DO. Size (dates) do not matter. 6 weeks later for a newsletter, so be it. It is done.

CIT Signature Transportation

Get to Know Us

CIT Signature Transportation transformed Kim from teacher to sales. Or did she transform us?

We Are Green

Fuel Consumption

  • 240 passenger miles per gallon of fuel
  • Lowest carbon footprint among 12 different forms of transportation
  • One couple traveling on a motorcoach will generate 50% less global warming pollutants
    than driving by car
  • EPA Regulations have our diesel engines cleaner than ever before
  • New Generation of Diesel
  • Cleaner Diesel Fuel
  • Advanced Engines
  • Effective Emissions Control Technology

Congestion Reduction

  • One motorcoach carries an average of 36 people = 36 cars off the road
  • If these passengers chose an automobile instead, 65 billion miles would be added to our
    congested roads
  • $544 million is saved annually by alleviating congestion on local roads, city streets, and major arteries by removing cars from travel lanes and adding productivity to the workforce

United Motorcoach Association Fly-In

April 17-18 John and I attended the UMA’s Fly-In. What is a Fly-In? A Fly-In is when you fly to DC and meet with the offices of your elected officials. We met with all SIX of Iowa’s members AND a bonus visit with a Senator from NE – being neighborly.

Our talking points: 1) CERTS tax fix (still trying) 2) Keeping the charter rule in force (Public transit cannot complete “charter” work for hire – that work is for private companies, not public entities subsidized by the government.)


You are invited to join your industry friends and colleagues of Iowa’s tourism industry for the iTIP Summer Celebration. The event includes the Mini Golf Tournament, Annual Meeting, and Awards Ceremony throughout Sunday, June 11 and Monday, June 12. Let’s celebrate another year of growth and fellowship amongst the tourism industry!

iTIP Summer Celebration


Changes are coming to the Des Moines International Airport


  1. Arrive early.
  2. Follow Signage.
  3. Visit

In the News


(Sshhh, if we keep quiet, maybe it won’t change.)

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update


I didn’t save any articles in April to share.

What is the source of your force? Mine is:

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