The Inspiration of Grogu


What fictional character do you identify with? Kim is seeing a kinship with Grogu – aka Baby Yoda.

Are you concerned about my mental well being? You are not alone. HA But, yes, I have found myself identifying with Grogu (Baby Yoda). Before you call my husband to have me evaluated, let me explain.

First – I mean no harm.

Second, here’s my analogy to this scene. You call and need a bus. I get with my team and we shove a bus this way, shove a driver that way, and the force makes a bus and driver appear to give you the transportation you need.

(Disclaimer: no buses or drivers are injured during this process.)

Accomplishing this task several times a day, day after day, leaves me EXHAUSTED. Just like Grogu.

I also feel accomplished. We are here to serve you, and when we can make magic happen, it is worth the exhaustion.

In the Knick of Time

And, magic happened here.

Welcome 138! John brought bus 138 home at 8:00 a.m. and it was out the door for a rescue trip by 1:00 p.m. I barely got to sniff the new interior. (New car smell x100 for a new bus!)

This is the exact kind of magic that my team makes happen. THANK YOU to our entire team that rolls with the punches and remains flexible so we can serve you!

The new year always begins with industry conferences.

CIT Signature Transportation

Get To Know Us

Part 2 of Our Story: CIT Signature Transportation knows to change is to survive and our owner knows how to make it thrive.

American Bus Association Annual Meeting and Marketplace

At the beginning of February, John, Jeremiah, and I attended. It is a travel and tour show full of education and networking. We love to break bread with other Iowans in attendance. It was a fabulous evening celebrating each other and all Iowa has to offer. Fun aside, much work was done and goals have been set for the next month, 6 months, and year.

Travel Time

Our system calculates 60 mph.

For shorter trips, it can get us there early.

For longer trips, it allows for rest/meal stops and gets us there on time. It also allows for construction/weather delays, or getting behind a slow moving vehicle a bus does not have the space to get around.


Iowa has stepped up their game. Look at that booth! Not to brag, but it was talked about on the floor of ABA as we sold Iowa to tour planners.

Shawn Johnson to close the 2023 Iowa Tourism Conference

The annual Iowa Tourism Conference is an essential networking and educational event for anyone who is focused on marketing efforts meant to elevate Iowa’s tourism destinations and attractions.

Learn More About the Conference


The full route has been announced!

A World Record Ride – will you be riding from Ames to Des Moines to help Iowa set a world record?



In the News


Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update

Biden Sets in Motion Gasoline Policy Shift to Boost Ethanol

CDL Drivers:

When I check availability, I am looking for buses and/or drivers. Sometimes, I only have one of them, but it takes both.

New ABA Foundation Research Shows 21.4% of Demand for Bus Drivers is Unfulfilled


And drivers are not the only shortage in the industry…

Nearly 2 Million Unfilled Jobs in Travel & Tourism Threaten Industry’s Growth

Travel will be easier for all Iowans in the future.

Iowa DOT making rest areas completely accessible

In all things, I know You’re workin’
One life, one mission
One reason why I’m livin’
All for You, not for me
My story, Your glory

What is your story? What is your mission? At CIT we are here to be an enhancement to the people, places, events and activities our clients graciously ask us to participate in. Give me a call and let’s see how our mission aligns.


Kim Grzywacz

CALL 515-233-0286


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