Buy Dirt and Watch it Grow


Do what you love but call it work

And in between sips of coffee
He poured this wisdom out
Said, “If you want my two cents on making a dollar count

Buy dirt

What dirt have you bought? Did your dollars turn to gold right away? Did you have to wait? What losses did you experience on your journey? Did you Send your prayers up and your roots down deep?

Have you loved what you do, but some would call it work? As a teacher, I loved what I did. As your contact for your transportation needs, I love what I do. We move people. We move people safely so they can experience their events. It is work, but it is work that matters.

CIT Signature Transportation

Get to Know Us

CIT Signature Transportation’s beginning starts with an investment, but not a job.

Car Services

Yes, we do offer car service. It is not Uber or taxi-like service. It does need to be scheduled ahead of time. The rates may also be more than you expect. Unlike other car services, we are a motorcoach company, our drivers are CDL licensed. Our insurance is mandated by federal law. We must have $5 million in coverage. We have double the requirement. All that said, if you have a need for reliable service, give us a call. If we have a driver available, we can get your car service scheduled.

Before you get caught on that ladder
Let me tell you what it’s all about
Find you a few things that matter
That you can put a fence around
And then he laid it out

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January was Human Trafficking Awareness month. Bus 136 still has the BOTL (Buses On The Lookout) logo in support of stopping human trafficking. Yes, trafficking happens in Iowa. Learn more.

United Motorcoach Association Expo

John, Jeremy, and Jeremiah attended UMA’s Expo in January. John assigned a report of reflection. Jeremiah stated, “I believe we have the opportunity to be a successful company and by that I don’t mean the biggest, at least not yet. but at least a top company that people enjoy traveling with and will recommend us over other companies.”

I think Jeremiah has found a few things that matter. Things we can put a fence around.


Tourism Legislative Night was held on January 17th. It was a great turn-out. Seems the guys aren’t the only ones that do not get a photo-op of attendance.


Shawn Johnson to close the 2023 Iowa Tourism Conference

The annual Iowa Tourism Conference is an essential networking and educational event for anyone who is focused on marketing efforts meant to elevate Iowa’s tourism destinations and attractions.

Learn More About the Conference

Calling All Bicyclists

15 great bicycle trails to ride in spring – it is coming, I promise.

Midwest Weekends


A World Record Ride – will you be riding from Ames to Des Moines to help Iowa set a world record?



Find the one you can’t live without

That’s us! Give us a call and let’s get your transportation on the books.

Quit “chasing a dollar” and do what you love but call it work. Become a driver today and help us add a few limbs to our CIT family tree.


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