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The Little Drummer Boy has been one of my favorite Christmas songs since youth. Many times we think of gifts as being wrapped in paper and bows. Yet, the Little Drummer Boy gave a gift of his talent. He knew how important it was to give something to honor the newborn baby, and he gave of himself.

How did you give of yourself in 2022? What will you do to give of your time and talent in 2023?

The new year always begins with industry conferences.

CIT Signature Transportation

Our Policy on Driver Numbers

Why does CIT not share a driver’s cell phone number before a trip? We are preventing panic, protecting days off, and protecting the time with clients.

Next Gen

Jeremy and Jeremiah our the next generation in our family company. We recently attended the Ames Chamber’s Annual Event. There is so much to owning a business besides the daily tasks. Networking and keeping informed on the outside world is invaluable.

Bus Size

What is the difference between our 38 passenger and 56 passenger buses? Size and number of seats. Is it more economical? Not as much as you would think. The initial cost is slightly less. After that, the employee, parts, fuel, etc… those costs are all the same. So, why would you choose a 38 passenger? It is more intimate.

Bus 133 – VanHool CX 35 – 38 pax


iTIP’s director was part of a panel that met with Governor Reynold’s and her team to discuss tourism in Iowa. Iowa IS a destination state. Travelers spent $6 billion in Iowa in 2021.

Travel industry urging Iowa lawmakers to continue ‘historic’ funding of tourism

Winter Activities in Iowa

Yes, even in the winter, you can find amazing things to do in Iowa!


CDL Reimbursement

This is great news for employers needing CDL drivers. So far, it looks like this is for package carrying drivers. We haul the most precious cargo – YOU! Steps in the right direction to help the driver shortage.

Iowa Dedicates $6 Million for Entry-Level CDL Reimbursement


And Iowa makes GREAT football players, too! My favorite QB of all time was recently feature on Peyton’s Places.

In the News

CERTS: I have played my best for our elected officials. Reaching out, sending stats. It has bi-partisan support. Time will tell if the tax fix becomes reality.

Fuel: Yes, fuel has declined the last 3 weeks. However, when looking at where it was a year ago, it is still up.

Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Update

Why is diesel getting so much more expensive than gasoline?


AAA Estimates 112.7 Million To Travel For Holidays

Why Paul McCartney Still Enjoys Taking the Bus — ‘I Find it Very Grounding’

Pa rum pum pum pum

Keeping beat to the drum and offering my gifts of organization, attention to detail, and customer service to you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kim Grzywacz

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