Better Days Arrived


2 years ago Thanksgiving looked very different. It took time, but better days arrived!


Better days coming
Watch and see
We’ll dance through the pain and the sorrow
Knowing there’s gonna be
Better days


Kim shares her gratitude list. She even lists exhaustion! What?! Listen and find out why.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? I make everyone at our table fill out a gratitude card every year. I keep them all in a scrapbook. It is fun to look back and see what everyone is thankful for each year. My dad – always a good harvest. This year is his first full year retired. He will have to come up with something new! What is the one constant in your life every year? What will be new?

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/ɑɪˈtɪn·əˌrer·i/ a detailed plan or route of a trip. We planned our itinerary several weeks before the trip.


Have you noticed many of my emails are consistently persistent? I have canned messages in Google Keep. I simply copy and paste, filling in the data that is specific to you.

If it’s not good
Then it’s not over yet (not over)
I promise you this is not the end
(Better days, better days)


Registration is OPEN for RAGBRAI. What does this mean if you do not ride? Buses are in short supply already. If you need a bus on July 22nd or July 29th, call me!

Hope is tearing through the night
Shadows running from the light
Love’s awakening inside
Just like a brand new song
Like a brand new song

10 Christmas Light Displays in Iowa That Are Pure Magic

In the News

CERTS: Better days have to be coming, right? This fix will come to fruition, right? I keep reaching out to our elected officials. Bi-partisan support is there. Not giving up.

Better days coming
Don’t give up
The hands that are holding tomorrow
Are still holding onto us
Better days coming

Fuel: The yo-yo continues. Enough said


Sorry, nothing saved since last month.

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Better days, better days

Oh, yes, better days are coming. Even better than today! Call me, ask about our availability, and let me see what my team can do for you to make your days better!


Kim Grzywacz

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