Tips for Choosing Private Transportation


Private transport companies offer plenty of convenience to clients traveling to various locations, including airports, events, and tours. If you’re someone who travels a lot or are planning an event where you’re traveling with a big group, private transportation can offer you the solution you need.

When choosing a private transportation company, consider various factors to ensure you work with a reliable company with a sizeable fleet. Learn what to look for in a private transportation service and tips for private transportation.

Things to Consider When Choosing Private Transportation

Choosing private transportation can help you get where you need to be. But as you might expect, not every transportation company is created equally. Understand how to choose private transportation based on these factors:


Choose a private transportation company with plenty of experience to ensure you receive quality service. You can check a company’s website and look for its about page, which usually details its story. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a company with at least years of experience, if not a few decades. But time in the business isn’t the only factor that goes into experience.

You’ll also want to look for the company’s involvement in the industry and its depth of knowledge about private transportation. You can ask these questions to help gauge involvement of different companies:

  • Do they understand how the private transportation process works and how to provide quality services to their customers?
  • Do they prioritize client safety?
  • Do they set realistic expectations?
  • Do the drivers have safety training?
  • How do they resolve issues to ensure you can still reach your destination on time?
  • Can customers visit the fleet before traveling?

You should also determine if your chosen company has a good track record. Look for reviews and testimonials from past customers to determine the quality of service a private transportation company offers. You might also be able to ask for references. The company’s website may include information about any awards, accomplishments, or safety ratings it has received, which point to track record quality.

Communication and Reliability

You should ask your chosen private transportation company plenty of questions, like the ones above, to get vital information about the ins and outs of the company. This information can help you determine if a private transportation company is reliable and puts its customers first.

A company’s response to your questions will also show you its communication skills and whether it can respond quickly and efficiently. Companies that are quick to respond with quality answers and assurances can help you determine what working with them will actually be like.

Fleet Size

Using a private transportation company means you should have access to a wide selection of vehicles, from cars and vans to buses. You may be traveling alone sometimes, so a luxury sedan is enough to get you where you’re going. In other instances, you may travel with a large group and need something larger, like a passenger van or executive mini coach.

A charter bus could be another excellent option if you’re traveling with a large group of family, friends, colleagues, or team members since these vehicles can accommodate up to 60 people. Riding in a charter bus comes with plenty of luxury amenities. If you’re taking a group vacation, going to a conference, celebrating a wedding, or traveling in a group for any other reason, a charter bus is an excellent option.

Choosing a transportation company that doesn’t have a wide selection of vehicles could limit your options. It may also mean that you’re working with a company that isn’t quite established yet, meaning it doesn’t have as much experience as other private transportation companies.


While fleet size is important, it’s also essential to look at the list of options available with your options. While you may primarily use a private transportation company to get to and from the airport, there may be times when you need the transportation service to take you somewhere else. You’ll want to look for companies that offer a broad scope of services, including:

The above are just a few of many possibilities regarding private transportation service options. You should always look for a company with a wide selection of services to ensure you’re covered, no matter where or why you want to travel.


Consider what others in your area say about a private transportation company. If family, friends, or locals say they have poor experiences with a company you’re considering, you should look for one with glowing reviews instead. You can look for reviews online to better understand your chosen company.

If you see that the company has multiple reviews saying drivers run late, charges more than it’s worth, or provides poor customer service, you can cross that option off your list and continue your search elsewhere.


Qualifications are just as essential as reputation when it comes to how to choose a charter bus or another private transportation option. You’ll want to look for a company that enlists drivers with up-to-date licenses and all other requirements to drive the vehicle type you’re looking for. In many cases, transportation companies list the qualifications they require for their drivers on their websites. A reliable company will have overqualified drivers to ensure the safety of its clients.


Cost is a significant consideration factor when choosing between private transportation companies. While choosing the cheapest option can be tempting for those on a tight budget, remember that you’re paying for a service, and the most inexpensive option likely doesn’t offer a comprehensive list of services or fleet options.

You also don’t want to choose the most expensive option, since you likely have a transportation budget to stick to. Instead, you should compare prices and services between your options. You’ll be able to find a company that’s within your budget without sacrificing service.


While the above are all essential decision-making factors when choosing from a list of transportation companies, arguably the most critical element is insurance. You should ensure the transportation company you choose is adequately insured by asking for proof of insurance. Seeing evidence will give you peace of mind, letting you know the company is doing everything possible to keep its clients safe during their travels.

How CIT Signature Transportation Can Provide a Great Experience

CIT Signature Transportation is a private transportation company dedicated to providing high-quality travel experiences to all our clients, whether traveling to a local venue or across the nation. Our primary concern is safety, and we ensure all drivers adhere to strict safety and licensure requirements. We also utilize reliable equipment within our expansive fleet.

We’re dedicated to providing an excellent traveling experience. Once you pick a destination and time, we’ll arrive promptly for pickup, make all the stops you desire, and arrive at your destination at a time that works with your schedule. We can transport large or small groups and offer travel times where rates are lower for our clients on a budget.

Our goal is to make traveling a relaxing experience. When you work with us, we’ll do all the work while you sit back, relax and experience the journey.

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